The grid-independent solution for powering construction sites — Endress and LEONHARD WEISS present the Smart.Energy.Box

• The energy storage solution for interconnected operation with Rental Line RS electrical producers

• Specially adapted to logistic and energy requirements

• Less stress on generators, motors and the environment


Together with LEONHARD WEISS, Endress presents the Smart.Energy.Box, an innovative new type of energy supply for construction sites. In addition to flexibility and cost-efficiency, the Smart.Energy.Box also provides high efficiency, reduced noise emissions and optimized use of generator capacity for use at construction sites, bridge renovations or tunnel construction.

Its principle is simple but efficient: While the generator is running, it supplies the connected electrical devices with current and at the same time charges the batteries built into the energy storage unit. When the generator is charged, it automatically shuts off, and the energy storage unit provides the necessary energy.


More from less

Up to now, generator performance was designed for maximum peak loads. However, because these seldom occur, generators very often run at just 30% to 50% of their maximum output. At night, even these values often aren't met. So that generators won't operate at low loads — which can cause sooting or damage to the motor — normally a dummy load (load resistance) is used, which artificially increases the load taken from the generator.

"It's different when using the Smart.Energy.Box. Integrating the additional energy from the energy storage unit provides a further level of benefits," says Christian Weissinger, Endress's CEO. "The energy storage system absorbs the load peaks and allows generators to operate in the optimum power range. The diesel generators can also be designed smaller and more cost-efficient," Weissinger adds. "If a load decreases, the generator stops automatically and the energy storage system will then silently feed the electrical equipment from its batteries. Electrical equipment with a smaller load decrease is supplied completely from the energy storage unit. If equipment with a large load decrease, such as a crane system is being used, then the energy storage unit will restart the generator automatically and also automatically synchronize it to the grid. The two devices will now work together and their power will be added together."


Collaboration project between Endress and LEONHARD WEISS

The idea for the smart construction site power box came from the southern German construction company LEONHARD WEISS, and Endress has handled the implementation. The goal was to develop an intelligent energy supply particularly for construction sites that have no infrastructure available yet. "Especially at new construction sites, we often have the problem that the power supply has to be set up first," explains Ralf Schmidt, director of the technology department at LEONHARD WEISS. "The Smart.Energy.Box contains the connections needed on the construction site and delivers current immediately. This noticeably speeds up installation work at the construction sites." The box even shortens delivery and transport times, because there is no more costly delivery of generators and the connections are adapted to the construction site.

Using the Smart.Energy.Box extends maintenance intervals, lowers operating costs, and there are fewer emissions. Run time without fuel fill-ups is increased by a 650-litre auxiliary tank.

This makes the Smart.Energy.Box from Endress a sustainable solution. At a time when forward-looking solutions and green engineering are ever more important, the energy storage unit combines efficiency with sustainability.

The Smart.Energy.Box was presented for the first time at Bauma 2019 in Munich.