Endress is launching generators that meet EU Stage V emission standards - the new emissions guideline for mobile generators

• Endress will be providing a full range of Stage V engines in the future

• Planning security for customers when buying generators


Bempflingen – The introduction of Directive 97/68/EU in Europe in December 1997 significantly reduced pollutant emissions due to the steady tightening of emission standards for mobile generators. Stages I, II, IIIA, IIIB and IV emission limit values have also been introduced since then. Directive 97/68/EU was invalidated in January 2017 and replaced by EU Regulation 2016/1628, which established the Stage IIIA emission standard in Europe.


The new EU Stage V emission standard applies in Europe as from 2019

Further tightening of exhaust emission regulations for mobile generators will come into force in 2019 and 2020.

"For the first time the EU Stage V emissions standard will also apply to mobile generators with engine outputs below 19 kW and above 560 kW. Unlike the markets regulated by the EPA standards, these performance classes have not previously been standardised within the EU" said Dan Albu, technical director at Endress. 

"The new emissions Directive will significantly reduce the limit values over the next two years. 200 Stage V compliant generators will emit the same quantity of pollutants as a Stage I generator", stated Albu. "This technological leap presents a major challenge for engine and unit manufacturers". 


What has to be considered now?

Endress is well prepared for this change and we our entire product range will be manufactured using Stage V engines in the future, which will be indicated by the new Stage V logo. This means that Endress is positioning itself as an ecologically-oriented generator manufacturer. The first presentation of the new generators will be at bauma 2019 in Munich. You will find Endress in the outdoor area on Stand FN.825/1.

The new EU Stage V emissions standard applies to all generators in the <56 kW and ≥130 kW power ranges that can be bought after January 1, 2019. However, a transitional period up to December 2020 is also included. A transitional period up to December 2021 also applies to generators in the 56 kW to 130 kW power range. Stage IIIA emission generators can still be sold during this period. Emergency power systems for stationary use are excluded from the new Stage V regulations.

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