Responsibility, fun and focus

ENDRESS is only one of many training companies in Baden-Württemberg. But what other companies cannot provide, ENDRESS focuses on.


Choice of three

ENDRESS offers trainings in three different fields: one training as a warehouse professional, with a potential continuing education to become a warehouse logistician, one training as an industrial electrician and one as an industrial business management assistant. All three trainings have an average duration of three years with the opportunity of an afterwards employment which depends on the job availability at the time.

Training overview

Each training follows a dual system which means that theoretical knowledge, gained in the vocational school, will be directly implemented in a daily business routine at the firm.
For example, during the training as an industrial business management assistant the trainees pass all different departments within the firm. This process offers them to gain experience out of multiple fields like the production, the purchasing department, sales and even the technical department.
To convey professional knowledge and to mentor all of the trainees in a comprehensive way, each department provides a competent mentor who guides and supports the trainees during their training.

Own projects

Moreover, to foster young talents ENDRESS assigns each trainee to his/her very own project. With that ENDRESS believes in the saying “learning by doing”. This mixture of mentoring and independent projects creates a solid base to prepare the trainees for their future career. Of course, the fun at work must not be missing.

"I myself completed my vocational training at ENDRESS and was lucky to get the chance to stay at the firm. Now, it's great to see how big the training program at ENDRESS has become and how much experience our trainees can draw from their training years with us. I am incredibly proud to be jointly responsible for this process and to support young people every year in getting a little closer to their dream job."
(Debora Bellomo, Training Manager Industrial Business Management Assistant and Buyer)



ENDRESS is already looking forward to welcoming new faces to its existing team of trainees!



About ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau GmbH


Since 1914 ENDRESS has been bringing real power to international markets through production and development in Germany. Being the leading manufacturer in its sector, ENDRESS convinces through its mobile and stationary power generators, energy storage units and lighting pole systems.
Technical capabilities, ambitious further developments and impassioned quality are channelled within its product lines and lead to highly sophisticated solutions whose usability is proven anew every day. Furthermore, ENDRESS stands on a solid base thanks to its dense network of international agencies and distributors.
„Quality is the focus of our actions - and this has been our credo since the company was founded in 1914. “This guiding principle still determines the actions implemented by ENDRESS nowadays – also because ENDRESS is part of the international PRETTL Group.


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