Connected power mit E-RMA


ENDRESS Remote Monitoring Application

The E-RMA system was developed in order to also secure its emergency power supply over long distances. It does not matter where you are in the world, with the E-RMA system from ENDRESS, you always have an overview of the most important data.



Using the E-RMA LAN system from ENDRESS will enable your stationary emergency power supply plant to be integrated into the building's computer network. After a few installation steps you can access your device anywhere, naturally even from your smartphone.



Even when you might not have access to a network connection due to regional circumstances, you do not have to dispense with remote monitoring and control of your device. ENDRESS offers a solution for this over the mobile telephone network with the E-RMA SIM. All you also need for this is a GSM card with a data tariff (not included in the package).After just a short set-up time you can control and regulate your emergency power generator from any location.


E-RMA Webapplication

Using the E-RMA system's web interface will enable you to view live data from your device and take over control at any time. It does not matter whether this is from a PC or from your smartphone.  
The most important components of the web application are:
• The control unit with the remote start option
• Alarm list
• Detailed generator information
• Localisation