PTO generators

Endress PTO shaft generators produce a cost-effective power supply. These are simply mounted on existing agricultural tractors - with no investment in an additional drive motor needed. Naturally, ENDRESS PTO generators meet the requirements of the agricultural trade association. Our PTO generators are available for pure field operation or with an optional IT/TN switching device that includes a power supply socket with mains changeover switch for feeding power into a building in the event of a power failure in compliance with VDE 0100-551: 2017-02.

Engine pumps

ENDRESS motorised pumps perform reliably and economically wherever no electricity is available and they are characterised by a high flow rate, high-quality seals and an automatic low-oil shut-off system. All of our ENDRESS motorised pumps are self-feeding suction pumps based on the centrifugal pump principle and are driven by durable and powerful YAMAHA motors.